• Supported PEC Training Centers, including Human Resource Readiness TC, Resource Management TC, Information Technology TC, Installations, ...

NATO - Studio Media Production Assistant

  • Supported the Training Technologies (TT) Section by planning and supporting all events held in the stu ...

NATO - Assisted Decision Making SME

  • Supported HQ SACT Staff in coordination with ADM stakeholders in International Staff (IS), International Military Staff (IMS), SHAPE, ACT Capability Develop ...

NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization


DHS - United States Secret Service

  • Provided training and instruction for law enforcement leadership that focused on human effectiveness and positive psychology that provided the basis for personal and cultu ...


  • Developed and taught logistics courses addressing core skills and areas of expertise required for logisticians to function effectively on a p ...

DCSA CDSE - Training Product Development and Maintenance​

  • Conducted Training Needs Analysis (TNAs) to determine security competencies, training requirements, goals, learning objectives, topics, instructional strateg ...


  • Created a complete inventory of all files and records in Division of Human Resource Development (DHRD) office and a report that pr ...

DEFENSE CIVILIAN PERSONNEL ADVISORY SERVICE - Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service

  • Conducted front-end and curriculum analyses to determine content, sequencing, and innovative learning ...

HEALTH RESOURCES & SERVICES ADMINISTRATION - Health Resources & Services Administration


  • Personnel engaged with the Secret Service leadership and stakeholders on a daily basis to provide recommendations and expertise.
  • Laid the groundwor ...


DEPARTMENT OF STATE - Workforce Planning

  • Performed strategic consulting and work related to qualification requirements for various hiring authorities and recruitment sources, using applicable automation ...

INTERNATIONAL UNION OF OPERATING ENGINEERS - I.U.O.E. Local Union 94 – Evacuating Type 1 Refrigeration Systems Prototype

  • Provided an experience like face-to-face instructor-led courses that enabled technicians to learn in a self-paced environment.
  • Developed 3D models with ...

HIGHER EDUCATION - University of Louisville

HIGHER EDUCATION - Legacy Courseware Conversion

  • Converted over 51 hours of web-based training from Authorware to Lectora within a three-month period.
  • Used a hybrid version of the Plann ...

HIGHER EDUCATION - Web-based Training

DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE - JCITA – Intructional Support and Training

CHESAPEAKE ENERGY - Blended-Learning

  • Partnered with Chesapeake Energy Corp to develop just-in-time, high-quality training for its employees regarding the use of the company’s updated assets databas ...


  • Updated and enhanced existing AS:100 textbook to include the latest content, instructional principals and philosophies, and include interactive, practical exercises.
  • Col ...

US AIR FORCE - C-17 Aircrew Training and CLS Support

  • Provided simulator maintenance for over 25 aircrew training and maintenance training devices at 14 USAF operating locations in t ...

US AIR FORCE - Air University – Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) Educational Support Services

  • Provided curriculum development, instructional design and development, and the use of educational technology to maximize lear ...

US AIR FORCE - LEDx Support- Leadership Institute Even Support

  • Supported the pre-planning, event setup and registration, and post-planning for the LEDx 3.0 Symposium.
  • Provided ...

US AIR FORCE - AU Branding Assessment

  • Explored the following key components of AU branding:
    • What audiences, stakeholders, key contributors, decision makers and community partners were saying about AU in ...

PG&E - Virtual Reality Training for First Responders (911 Standby/911 First Responder VR Training)

  • Developed and created 911 standby personnel role training in Oculus Rift and PC that focuses on maintaining safety to the publ ...

PG&E - AVN Process Tracking System

US AIR FORCE - Library Digitization

  • Digitized over 14,000 titles for easy access for Air University (AU) students, faculty, and staff.
  • Ensured digitized documents were accessible to Air ...


  • Collaborated with Holm Center/CR personnel to ensure all facets of the AS:100 curriculum are addressed in accordance with the contract requirements.< ...

NO CATEGORY - USAF A-10 & EC-130 Aircrew Training

  • Produced the Gateway Course Management System (CMS) application designed to aid development and Air Force communication of delivered content through a process ...

US AIR FORCE - EPME Simulation Training

  • Developed complex simulations that included Interactive Multimedia Instruction Level IV scenario-based capstone exercises into ...

US AIR FORCE - Leadership, Marketing & Outreach Programs (AFNC)

  • Provided world-class event/workshop management, program management, and expert level research.
  • Provided analysis to support the development, design, im ...

US AIR FORCE - Virtual Reality Sims (Maintenance Next)

  • Served as the Lead Systems Integrator to create an innovative, immersive, interactive, student-centered, and adaptive virtual reality and desktop learning experience.

SHRM - HR Career Guide Tool

  • Developed two operational forms with five to 12 domestic versions, with embedded field test items and one international version.
  • Managed the development of the Society for Huma ...


  • Supported the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Air Traffic Organization (ATO) as they cataloged their succession planning process and designed a web-based application to streaml ...

NO CATEGORY - Center for Disease Control and Prevention

  • C² has collaborated with CDC University in a large-scale project to define career paths for targeted occupations (e.g., General Health Science, Management and Progr ...

NO CATEGORY - C2 Health Affordable Care Act

  • Created a portal for Case Analysts that provided easy access to a variety of Web-Based Training (WBT) courses and instructional videos about the ACA.
  • Developed an ope ...

STATE OF CALIFORNIA - Learning Management System

  • Designed a customizable LMS, developed by an industry-leading eLearning course management system.
  • Delivered online training, tracked progress an ...

CMS - ACA Training Learning Management System

VHA - Executive Support Services

  • Provided two Medical Scribes at 12 Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) pilot sites across the US, wh ...

VHA - Lab Safety

  • Improved safe practices in Center for Disease Control (CDC) laboratories through fundamental safety training equipment such ...

PCORI - Learning Management System

  • Provided curriculum design, development, and assessment support to help establish training standards, competencies, le ...

FDNY - Simulations and Online Assessments

  • Developed a CBSS for the certification of qualification for Refrigeration System Operating Engineers (RSOE).
  • Established a new web applic ...

US AIR FORCE - Integrated Educational Support Services (Tk20)

  • Built over 100 surveys for various programs in Tk20 and/or Qualtrics to assist with curriculum analysis.
  • Supported curriculum review by providing over 550 survey repo ...

DCSA CDSE - Advanced and Graduates Courses Update and Delivery​

  • Recruited, vetted, trained, assessed, provided continuing education and refresher training, and managed the administrative structure needed to serve ...

US NAVY - Virtual Task Trainers (VTT)

  • Incorporated 3D models into NGRAIN, within the Virtual Task Trainer (VTT) environment to create equally proficient seaman training levels when compare ...

BOEING - Workforce Planning and Cyber Training (composite)

  • Provided simulator maintenance for over 25 aircrew training and maintenance training devices at 14 USAF operating locations in the US.  We are provided 24-hour maintenance coverage ...

MARRIOT - Online Micro-Learning (composite)

  • Partnered with Marriott International, Global Learning & Development to provide a suite of training and promotional materials, including o ...

PG&E - Altec AM55 Virtual Task Trainer

  • Developed a VTT that provides PG&E aerial lift operators with comprehensive, on-demand, mobile training on the setup and operation of the Altec AM55 ...

NATO - HTC Vive ( Serious Games Challenge)

  • Successfully utilized Microsoft HoloLens 3 to digitally transform learning from a physical classroom to a flexible on-demand virtual environment.
  • Supported the Jo ...

HUMAN CAPITAL - National Archives and Records Administration

HUMAN CAPITAL - National Institute of Standards and Technology

HUMAN CAPITAL - U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

HUMAN CAPITAL - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

HUMAN CAPITAL - Department of Homeland Security

HUMAN CAPITAL - Office of the Director of National Intelligence

HUMAN CAPITAL - Department of Housing and Urban Development

HUMAN CAPITAL - National Credit Union Administration

HUMAN CAPITAL - U.S. Coast Guard

HUMAN CAPITAL - Federal Aviation Administration

HUMAN CAPITAL - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

HUMAN CAPITAL - Department of Defense

HUMAN CAPITAL - Defense Security Service Academy

NGA - Management Structure Development

  • Standardized the evaluation of positions by identifying a set of evaluation factors (e.g., knowledge and complexity requirements for each position) t ...

C2 TOOLSET - Writers World

NAVY - C2 Training Development & Management Portal

C2 TOOLSET - C2 Learn

C2 TOOLSET - C2 Collaborate

DHS - Coast Guard Supervisor of Civilians & RFRS/SERA eLearning and Job Aids

DHS - Coast Guard Honda BF225 Outboard Engine VTT

DHS - FEMA Radiation Basics

DHS - FEMA eGrants WBT for Local/State/Tribal Users and Job

DHS - DHS Transportation Safety Administration Workplace

DHS - DHS Critical Thinking and Analytic Methods

PRIVATE SECTOR - Cable and Wireless New Employee Orientation

PRIVATE SECTOR - PBGC Auditor Training

PRIVATE SECTOR - Northrop Grumman Newport News Shipfitter Training


  • Provided rapid development and deployment of Just-In-Time Training to support agents on the latest product updates.
  • Developed Xbox basic training for new hires.

CIVILIAN - EPA Bloodborne Pathogens

CIVILIAN - DHHS HRSA Health Literacy

CIVILIAN - CPMS Personnel Management Service Course

CIVILIAN - House of Representatives New Employee Orientation

CIVILIAN - USDA Anti-Harassment Web-based Training

CIVILIAN - USDA Forest Service Performance Management

CIVILIAN - USAID Foreign Assistance Performance

CIVILIAN - NNSA Performance Management

CIVILIAN - Bureau of Prisons E-Learning Courseware Library

NAVY - USN Naval Sea Systems Command Training

NAVY - USN Naval Air Systems Command Training

NAVY - USN Naval Facilities Engineering Command Training

NAVY - USN National Security Personnel System

NAVY - USN Center for Naval Intelligence

ARMY - US Army Collaborative Improvised Explosive Device Demo

ARMY - US Army Field Artillery Gunnery Simulator

ARMY - US Army Brigade Combat Team Modernization (BCTM) Capability Package

AIR FORCE - USAF Study Skills

AIR FORCE - USAF Position Lights Freeplay

AIR FORCE - USAF Military Standards

AIR FORCE - USAF HUD Interactive

AIR FORCE - USAF Exterior Lights Freeplay

AIR FORCE - USAF Custom Imaging Tool

US AIR FORCE - A-10 & EC-130 Aircrew Training (CAT/CWD), LMS

  • Provided an adaptive student-centered learning experience in by optimizing performance in a hands-on operational environment, while leveraging the bes ...

AIR FORCE - USAF A-10C and EC-130 Virtual Tours

AIR FORCE - USAF B-52H Fuels Checklist

AIR FORCE - USAF Bioenvironmental Engineering Site Assessment Course

US AIR FORCE - AFTR Training Record Management

  • Standardized training management throughout the Air Force in accordance with AFI 36-2201.
  • Offered additional services that aided in Air Force training.
  • ...

AIR FORCE - USAF Joint STARS Lesson Demo

AIR FORCE - Readiness Skills Verification (RSV) Tool

AIR FORCE - USAF Air Command and Staff College (ACSC) Joint Capstone Exercises

ARMY - US Army Contemporary Operational Environment Train-the-Trainer

ARMY - US Army Bridge Construction Virtual Task Trainer

ARMY - US Army Analytical Laboratory System Course

ARMY - US Army JAG Officer Advanced Course

ARMY - US Army NCO 3D Collaborative Exercise

ARMY - US Army Human Relations Readiness Training Program

US ARMY - 3D Simulations & Serious Games (Army JAG)

  • Developed the 3D immersive CLAC for the Judge Advocate General’s Law Center and School (TJAGLCS) in Charlottesville ...

ARMY - US Army Virtual Mobile Training Team

ARMY - Brigade Combat Team Modernization (BCTM) Capability Package

ARMY - US Army Property Accountability

ARMY - US Army JAG Criminal Law Advocacy Course

ARMY - US Army 92Y10 Unit Supply Specialist Sustainment Training

ARMY - US Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) Cadets Electronic Textbooks

ARMY - Air Traffic Control Operator Course

ARMY - US Army Correspondence Course Program

ARMY - US Army Senior Transportation Officer Qualification Course

ARMY - US Army dLETP Maintenance

ARMY - US Army JAG Law of Armed Conflict

ARMY - US Army Civilian Education Systems

ARMY - US Army S2 Operations Staff Simulation

MARINE CORPS - USMC Marine Key Volunteer Network Course

MARINE CORPS - Marine LINKS Training

NAVY - USN NAVFAC Navy Crane: Four Engineering Courses

NAVY - USN Chem-Bio and Radiological Casualty Course

HUMAN CAPITAL - CDC Occupational Competency Gap Assessment

HUMAN CAPITAL - CDC University Career Paths Website

HUMAN CAPITAL - FAA – ATO Career Planning Tool

CIVILIAN - CDC New Employee Orientation

CIVILIAN - NRC Virtual 3D Reactor Vessel Activity

CIVILIAN - OPM Veteran Employment Training

CIVILIAN - Knowledge Management Portal

  • Revolutionized the Agencies ability to efficiently and responsibly to serve the public.
  • Complete two redesigns of
  • Developed a Knowledge Management portal that pro ...

CIVILIAN - NRCS Recruiting for Results

CIVILIAN - FAA Small Tower Voice Switch Training

CIVILIAN - FDIC Pro Forma Training

CIVILIAN - FAA Federal Aircraft Regulations – Part 135/145

CIVILIAN - FAA Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Training

CIVILIAN - BOP E-Learning Courseware Library

CIVILIAN - FAA Wind Shear and Micro-Burst Training

CIVILIAN - APC Air Defense Systems Integrator

CIVILIAN - FAA Air Traffic Training

CIVILIAN - USAID Rapid Data Collection Methods

CIVILIAN - FAA Radio Control Equipment Training

CIVILIAN - FAA – Mechanic Examiner Training for GA Maintenance Inspectors WBT

CIVILIAN - FDIC – Virtual Bank Training

CIVILIAN - FDIC – Collaborative Training

CIVILIAN - NNSA – Virtual Orientation Center

CIVILIAN - NRC New Employee Orientation / Virtual Orientation Center

CIVILIAN - NRCS – Introduction to Recruiting

DHS - Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters

DHS - Coast Guard Maritime Law Enforcement Boarding Officer Training

DHS - Coast Guard Cornerstone Program for Supervisors, Phase I

DHS - Virtual Task Trainer of a 3D Engine Model

  • Developed high-resolution and photographic-quality 3D modules, simulations, and animations in 3DS MAX and NGRAIN .3ko.
  • Produced an effective and high-qua ...

DHS - FEMA Integrated Collaborative Exercise

DHS - Coast Guard Coast Guard Indoctrination

DHS - SOME/DHS Go To Webinar Project

DHS - Coast Guard Cornerstone Program for Supervisors, Phase II

DHS - Career Pathing Tool

  • Developed a Comprehensive Career Pathing Tool.
  • Established the Federal Emergency Management Agencies (FEMA) firs ...

DHS - FLETC Small Arms Virtual Weapons Trainer

DHS - DHS Fraud Detection and Security

C2 TOOLSET - C2 Build