Center for Disease Control and Prevention
November 23, 2021
HR Career Guide Tool
November 23, 2021


Project Purpose:
To support the development of Career Pathing and Succession Planning Tools

The Results

  • Supported the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Air Traffic Organization (ATO) as they cataloged their succession planning process and designed a web-based application to streamline and contain the process.
  • Created a process for users to receive customized developmental recommendations including training options based on user position selections and competency ratings.
  • Designed a cloud-based software platform that facilitated accessibility to federal data on key occupations, such as Human Resources, Information Technology, etc.
  • Allowed users to:
    • View typical career paths related to their position
    • Learn about how to prepare for specific career transitions
    • Build a customized career progression plan that suits their goals and interests
    • Brandon Hall
    • Training Officer’s Consortium Innovation Award
    • Hermes Platinum Award
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