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We train American Warfighters for greater readiness using innovative training and immersive technologies. Our solutions cover all domains.

C2 a Global Aerospace and Defense Company

C2 is a global Aerospace and Defense company providing a range of innovative and cutting-edge training and education immersive solutions including modeling and simulations, serious games, Augmented/Virtual/Mixed and Extended Reality. AI/ML. live, virtual, and constructive, contractor logistics, and program management services to civilian and Defense customers, equipment manufacturers and foreign militaries.

From the Labs to the Battle Space, we support the Men and Women of the United States Military

Our team of experienced instructors, curriculum developers, programmers, systems engineers, game developers, simulator maintenance technicians and a deep bench of subject matter experts provide innovative solutions to meet the demands of academic and weapon systems trainers, for the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, the National Guard, Coast Guard, Intelligence Agencies and foreign militaries at more than 25 military bases.

We constantly innovate to address today’s rapidly changing, multi-domain global security threats, to offer U.S. warfighters the strategic advantage.

C2 is proud to serve the Defense sector