I/O Psychologists
December 15, 2021
Integrated Learning
December 15, 2021

Health Resources & Services Administration

Project Purpose:
To provide technical assistance, and help disseminate appropriate health literacy information through the development of a web-based, interactive Health Literacy training program

The Results:

  • Collected and analyzed information to define needed knowledge and skills, including demographics of both the training audience and the populations they serve.
  • Conducted an online survey, interviews, focus groups with HRSA Project Officers, and an environment scan to assess available content:
    • Cultural/ethnic/population groups
    • Educational level
    • Literacy level, language barriers/needs
    • Geographic distribution
    • Types of organizations and settings
    • Disease groups and health status
  • Developed a 4.5-hour interactive, scenario-driven web-based training (WBT) on unified health communication.
  • Over 10,000 health care professionals have completed this online course through the Public Health Foundation’s TrainingFinder Real-time Affiliate Integrated Network (www.TRAIN.org).
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