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Education & Training

C2 has been an innovator and industry leader in advancing education and training solutions to improve human performance for the last three decades.

C2 Advancing Education and Training Solutions

Our solutions draw on our decades of experience in education and training and our deep capabilities in combining the ADDIE model with design thinking and agile development, analytics, and advanced technologies with our mission expertise in the customer’s domain.

Through the application of Human Performance Training, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and extended realities, our adaptive learning capabilities deliver results faster and with greater precision than traditional methodologies.

Our agile program management and technical execution delivers mission support that is flexible, productive, transparent, and accurate every time.

Our team of experienced learning solutions designers, education technologists, multimedia and game developers, instructors, video producers, software developers, programmers, and organizational psychologist psychometricians, technical staff, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed and Extended Reality (AR/VR/MR/XR) developers, integrators, and thought leaders support the delivery of high-quality solutions. C2 brings innovation, integration, delivery, and lifecycle services to its customers.

C2 is proud to serve the Education & Training sector