US Army Correspondence Course Program
May 28, 2015
US Army Human Resource Management Qualification Course
May 28, 2015

Virtual Reality Sims and Serious Games (Patriot Missile Crews)

Project Purpose:
To establish a new standard for delivering training to soldiers via a Virtual Reality (VR) 3D environment

The Results:

  • Developed a series of mobile applications allow the Patriot Missile Crews to be immersed in a first-person view of a 3D environment of the vehicle in which they practice running through the correct procedures using mobile devices.
  • Support U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command’s (TRADOC) Army Learning Concept and the TRADOC Capabilities Manager (TCM) Army Distributed Learning Program.
  • Produced a series of Crew Drill Applications on mobile devices for the Army Capabilities Integration Center to support TRADOC’s Army Learning Concept and the TCM Army Distributed Learning Program.
  • Filmed each crew drill on location and incorporated the videos into the apps and act as a bridge between operational and institutional training.
  • Industry awards:
    • Hermes Creative Platinum Award
    • Omni Silver Award
    • Davey Silver Award
    • MarCom Platinum Award
    • Finalist, I/ITSEC 2011 Serious Games
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