US Army Human Resource Management Qualification Course
May 28, 2015
US Army 92Y10 Unit Supply Specialist Sustainment Training
May 28, 2015

Air Traffic Control Operator Course

C² Technologies, Inc. (C²) collaborated with the U.S Army Aviation Center of Excellence to improve the quality of training for students seeking a Control Tower Operators(CTO) Certificate, issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The Aviation Center requested a blended learning approach that married their in-classroom training and simulation with an interactive simulation and multimedia instruction experience. As a result C² ceated modular simulations to provide non-linear instruction that encourages discovery learning by the student to reinforce the concepts and principle taught in class. C² leveraged a variety of development tools. including the Unity game engine and Adobe Flash, to create an immersive control tower environment as well as knowledge discovery activities and quiz-based games.

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