USMC Marine Key Volunteer Network Course
May 28, 2015
US Army Civilian Education Systems
May 28, 2015

US Army S2 Operations Staff Simulation

The C² development team analyzed, designed, and developed 101 hours of IMI for the United States Army Intelligence Center of Excellence (USAICoE). This courseware consisted of 90 hours of self-paced, asynchronous instruction covering 15 separate topic areas and 11 hours of asynchronous scenario-based Capstone Practical Exercise. The courseware is designed to accommodate the entire S2 staff. The overarching scenario places a newly assigned Soldier in the 1st BCT, S2 section and follows through the units pre-deployment, deployment, and post-deployment stages. The scenario builds as each lesson is accessed. Each lesson begins with the topics definition, purpose, and application. Users are then provided an option to enter a traditional training path or go directly to the simulation exercise. Accordingly, an inexperienced analyst may choose to complete the training and then the simulation exercise, and the experienced S2 may choose to complete the simulation exercise only. After completing all 15 lessons, learners are presented with a graded Capstone Exercise. The Capstone takes place in an interactive 3D simulation of the Tactical Operations Center S2 staff area. Capstone scenarios will incorporate each lessons TLO and will require the learner to utilize knowledge and skills attained from these lessons, along with resources provided in the simulated environment.

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