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November 27, 2015
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November 27, 2015

Coast Guard Supervisor of Civilians & RFRS/SERA eLearning and Job Aids

The U.S. Coast Guard Human Resources Office required the development of a supervisors’ curriculum, conducted under two phases. Phase I consists of 38 hours of e-learning and Job Aids to include: Transition management, supervisory responsibility for personnel management, employee relations, staffing and reduction in the force, position management, performance management, training, employee benefits, and equal employment opportunity. Phase II consists of a blended learning approach of 29 hours of e-learning and associated Job Aids, and 40 hours of instructor-led training to include: Civilian Supervisors of Military Personnel Course, Do I Want To Be a Supervisor, Residence Phase of Supervisor of Civilians Course, Mentoring Course, Hiring Reform Course, instructor-led for Residence Phase of Supervisor of Civilians Course.

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