January 13, 2022
National Bank University
April 12, 2024


Project Purpose:
To enable employees to proactively manage their careers through the Career Pathing Tool (CPT) by setting goals aligned with their personal and organizational objectives and providing a structured six-step process with resources for career development.

The Results

  • Developed and deployed a cloud-based (SaaS) Level 4 IMI Web-Based Training Module, featuring open API for HRIS app integration.
  • Custom branded with multi-platform accessibility and Section 508 compliance for user inclusivity.
  • Secured with FedRamp-certified cloud hosting and supported by a Tier II Helpdesk.
  • A Career Builder Tool that leverages AI-powered technology for enhanced user experience.
  • Implemented predictive analytics for accurate job placement and individual assessments to evaluate capabilities.
  • Personalized learning plans with rater feedback and self-reflection exercises to foster employee development.
  • Provided developmental guidance, skill gap assessment, and job fit analysis to align employee growth with organizational needs.
  • Established links to future roles and positions to map career advancement opportunities.
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