Online Micro-Learning (composite)
November 22, 2021
Virtual Task Trainers (VTT)
November 22, 2021

Workforce Planning and Cyber Training (composite)

Project Purpose:
To provide 24-hour maintenance coverage of US Air Force training devices

The Results:

  • Provided simulator maintenance for over 25 aircrew training and maintenance training devices at 14 USAF operating locations in the US.  We are provided 24-hour maintenance coverage and maintaining a 95% availability rate for all systems.
  • Supplied Contractor logistics Support (CLS) to the Boeing infrastructure, including Information System Security Officer (ISSO) support to the program’s Cybersecurity processes.
  • Provided all on-site courseware development and course maintenance for the C-17TS program.  This included management of over 400 lessons for pilot, loadmaster, and maintenance engine run initial qualification and continuation training of all USAF aircrew and 7 Foreign Military Sales (FMS) partners.
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