US Army Brigade Combat Team Modernization (BCTM) Capability Package
November 26, 2015
US Army Collaborative Improvised Explosive Device Demo
November 26, 2015

US Army Field Artillery Gunnery Simulator

Working with Army Artillery subject matter experts, C² Technologies, Inc. has developed a comprehensive, two-part Artillery Ballistics Concepts Trainer course that can be used for new students or as a refresher for existing Artillery personnel. Nine and a half hours of interactive, self-paced web-based training carry the student from basic artillery concepts, through manual firing chart construction and tools, all the way to troubleshooting firing data errors.
This in-depth instruction is followed by a unique Artillery Gunnery simulator that requires the student to receive, calculate, or troubleshoot, and transmit a fire mission to a Field Artillery weapons platform using the actual tools and resources that would be available in the Fire Direction Center, or FDC.

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