US Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) Cadets Electronic Textbooks
May 28, 2015
Brigade Combat Team Modernization (BCTM) Capability Package
May 28, 2015

US Army 92Y10 Unit Supply Specialist Sustainment Training

The Army faced a critical shortfall of supply specialists who knew and understood current supply processes and forms. What the Army needed was a way to reeducate those supply specialists on current policies and procedures in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible. C² created a comprehensive and interactive scenario-based refresher training package for the 92Y10 Supply Specialist. The training course groups content into four logical modules: Basic Supply, Supply Procedures, Organizational Clothing Procedures, and Arms Room Procedures. These modules are further separated into 24 specialized topics which can be taken independently. Knowledge checks help reinforce learning and provide immediate feedback on learners’ retention of training content. Each of the modules provides a highly interactive, scenario-based Practical Exercise that lets the learners apply their supply specialist knowledge to situations they will typically encounter in real life.

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