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May 28, 2016
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May 28, 2016

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Occupational Competency Gap Assessment

C² completed an assessment of competency gaps for a wide range of targeted occupations at CDC (e.g., Medical Officers, Public Health Advisors, General Health Scientists, Budget Officers, Tier II and III Leadership) at CDC. For each occupation, focus groups were conducted with SMEs to revise and update the existing competency model and establish required proficiency levels for each competency. An online assessment was then fielded to evaluate the level of proficiency available in the workforce and identify gaps against the requirements. The project team then conducted interviews with supervisors and managers to obtain input on training resources and other strategies (e.g., targeted recruitment, succession planning) that can help reduce and eliminate the identified gaps.

Program Evaluation

C² supported program evaluation efforts by developing an evaluation framework for selected program areas (e.g., CDC University). For each area, the project team began by developing a logic model that illustrated and sequenced programmatic activities and linked them to intended outcomes. The team then identified an evaluation focus for each program, supported the development of process and outcome measures, and documented an overall measurement strategy that specified the timing and sequencing of measures, sampling strategies, and recommended techniques for analyzing the data.

CDC Career Paths

C² has collaborated with CDC University in a large-scale project to define career paths for targeted occupations (e.g., General Health Science, Management and Program Analysis, Information Technology) and groups (e.g., Tier II and III leadership) across the Agency. The paths illustrate the range of career options available to employees within and across occupational groups. They also provide detailed guidance on the key work experience and training that support development in critical areas at each point in the career progression. The results of this effort are maintained and presented to the workforce in the CDC Career Path Website.

CDC Career Path Website

C² developed an interactive, 508-compliant career path website to educate employees on advancement opportunities available at CDC. The website illustrates typical paths of progression within targeted occupational series, along with common points at which transitions to different occupations may occur. Employees are able to interact with many of the website’s components to learn more about career progressions of interest. In particular, they may read about the nature of the work performed in each position along their intended paths, and investigate the key work experience and training that support the development of knowledge and skills necessary for progression at each point. The CDC Career Path Website is housed on CDC’s intranet, and designed to expand and accommodate new content as career paths for additional occupational series are developed.

Global Competencies/Structured Interview Questions

C² partnered with the Agency to support its global public health workforce. Specifically, the project team developed a customized competency model that describes the capabilities necessary to work effectively in a global environment. The team identified competencies that are required at entry and are most relevant to job performance. Next, a set of structured interview questions was developed for these competencies. The interview questions are currently supporting the recruitment and selection of qualified candidates for the global workforce.

CEALS Process Tracking Tool

C² enhanced the efficiency of the Continuing Education Accreditation and Learner Support (CEALS) program through the development of a Process Tracking Tool. The custom web-based tool structures the overall accreditation process from initial contact with a content developer, through the subsequent package preparation, accreditation, completion, and follow-up phases. This provides CEALS with a centralized resource for managing data needed to track the accreditation of learning opportunities, comply with accreditation reporting requirements, and service developer and learner needs.

Continuing Education Accreditation and Learner Support Make/Buy Analysis

C² conducted a project to identify the most cost-effective way to provide accredited continuing education opportunities to public health professionals. In particular, the project team completed a make/buy analysis to investigate whether the Continuing Education Accreditation and Learner Support (CEALS) program should be maintained internally or outsourced to an external vendor. The team identified the factors associated with each option, determined the cost of each factor, and compared them to develop actionable recommendations. Ultimately, the analysis demonstrated the utility of maintaining the CEALS program internally and identified areas where the program could become more efficient..

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