C2 Wins the Army CAC Interactive Digital Pubs (CACIDP) Contract

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C2 Wins the Army CAC Interactive Digital Pubs (CACIDP) Contract

C2 Technology

March 21, 2016

C2 announced the award of the coveted Army CACIDP contract.
Army training and education (T&E) integrates many on-going initiatives and future development efforts to produce a coherent, integrated network of systems and strategies to ensure Soldiers and units are trained to meet Army needs.
This contract will be used by the Army to design and develop interactive digital publications for The Army Distributed Learning Program (TADLP) established by Army Regulation (AR) 350-1, Army Training and Education. The TADLP provides interactive digital publications which can be delivered and read anytime and anywhere.

C2’s President, Curtis Cox said, “We are excited to help the Army transition to digital publications and make content more accessible to the soldiers.”

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