How Can Job Seekers Harness Employability to Their Advantage?

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March 7, 2016
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March 21, 2016

How Can Job Seekers Harness Employability to Their Advantage?

Matthew Tripp
Human Capital Research Assistant at C² Technologies


As a consequence of the modern economic climate, talented and savvy individuals are seeking out those jobs that might be able to increase their employability, not just provide a paycheck. For workers, this offers two unique opportunities: advancing skills and knowledges through freedom in employment and leveraging those skills and knowledges into better jobs.

Individuals wanting to make the most of their employability must seek out opportunities to acquire additional useful skills. This could be as simple as attending extra trainings or workshops, but jobs that offer the chance to acquire unique hands-on training should be equally valued. Workers may find themselves working in seemingly unusual or disparate jobs over the course of their career but might develop the skills and knowledges needed to move into their dream job or even change the trajectory of their entire career path.

Turning to utilizing those skills, given how eagerly organizations are seeking highly qualified individuals, prospective employees who can set themselves apart as being skilled, trained, or knowledgeable are in a position to leverage their talents into better jobs. The opportunity for a better career is there- but workers have to take control of managing their future. Acquiring and actively displaying employability is essential. Whether a worker is updating their LinkedIn profile to include newly acquired skills or volunteering to train others, being able to inform a prospective employer of acquired knowledges and skills can provide an advantage over the sea of applicants.

While the game may be changing for job seekers, individuals are being given unprecedented control over the direction of their career paths. But with that control and freedom come peril. Individuals who learn to adapt to the new value of employability stand to make gains in their careers while ensuring that they will always be in demand. But those that fail to see the importance of employability may find themselves stagnating in an undesirable position or even unemployed.

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