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    • What sets C2 apart from other Government contractors is not just their superior technical expertise, effective business practices, innovative solutions, and outstanding customer service. It...
      Former Branch Chief
      OPM Training and Management Assistance
    • C2 under Dolly's leadership is always impressive, responsive, and customer-focused. C2's management of projects is exceptional. They are customer-focused and committed to deliver...
      Senior Project Manager
      OPM Training and Management Assistance
    • C2 Technologies has been successful and will continue to grow because of its commitment to customer service and its ability to properly combine high tech and high touch in its delivery of e...
      Alan Merten, President
      George Mason University
    • C2 must be an amazing place to work. Everyone I meet from there is so talented. I recognize talent when I see it. All the C2 people I met were top-notch.
      Program Manager, Department of Defense
    • C2 is the gold standard in performance and customer relations. They are creative, resourceful and always willing to be flexible to meet our changing needs. They are our go to company.
      Training Manager, DHS – FEMA
    • I don’t have any specific comments from a design viewpoint other than what I said about the last modules I reviewed. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. The best I’ve seen. I enjoyed going through it...
    • Your efforts have been no less than outstanding. Providing Aircrew training to two major weapons systems, from split locations on base, is a daunting task.
      Davis-Monthan AFB
    • C2 staff has done a wonderful job for us. They are very responsive and accommodating. We are most pleased
      Senior Project Manager, USCG, Yorktown, VA
    • Seminar 2 was a great success, thanks to your team. They are doing great things with us! They epitomize professionalism. Thanks for choosing them to be on my team!
      Branch Chief, DCPAS
    • “Wish to thank your team at C2 for committing to examine the problems users have been experiencing with the AFCEC HazMat course. Although C2’s portion of the project ended in...
      Human Capital Industry Solutions Human Resources Solutions