C2 Support at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base Advanced VR Laboratory Workflow for Pilot Training

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December 28, 2021
Raymond Duquette Former President, CAE, USA
February 13, 2022

C2 Support at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base Advanced VR Laboratory Workflow for Pilot Training

Pilot Training Improvements using VR and Panoramic 360 Video

As part of the 355th TRS’s initiative to incorporate Virtual Reality and panoramic 360 video into the training and curriculum for A-10C student pilots, C2 developers in coordination with AVJB helped the VR program get off the ground by assisting the TRS with VR laboratory workflow and asset mix.  Chief of Innovation Instructor Pilots with the 355th TRS organized recommendations and worked hand-in hand with C2 staff to establish training improvements into the Initial Qualification syllabus at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

Advancing Air-to-Air Refueling and Dissimilar Air Combat Maneuvers

This effort was focused on capitalizing VR integration with the existing training program targeting an attainable goal of eclipsing training deficiencies. Further benefits were realized with shortening straining training assets, primarily the Full Mission Trainer Simulator time and A-10C aircraft Engine Run Time. Success with early adoption has shown improvements in student mastery of the initial focus areas pertaining to Air-to-Air refueling and Dissimilar Air Combat Maneuvers.

Implications for Cognitive Spatial Orientation Training

VR has proven to be a tremendous tool for cognitive spatial orientation training that would otherwise be impossible to show via static pictures or traditional academic material.

Advancing Capabilities at Additional Installations

Other Air Force units are starting to take note – C2 and the 355th TRS recently hosted members of F-16 instructor pilots and the 924th Maintenance Squadron, providing workflow integration and equipment success information to take back to their units.

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