If It Ain’t Broke, Yet Continue To Fix It

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February 19, 2015
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February 9, 2016

If It Ain’t Broke, Yet Continue To Fix It

By: Sanjay Ahuja, VP C² Technologies, Inc.


I want to take a poll on “If It ain’t broke, yet continue to fix it….Yes that’s the new mantra in today’s world where technology has an unannounced expiry date, that comes in quickly. Before you decide to agree or disagree with this, think about Apple…I mean nothing was wrong with iphone 2….it wasn’t broken…but then Apple continued to fix it by releasing iphone 3, 4…and now 7. Google each year, changes its search algorithm around 500–600 times. They don’t have to, if they don’t want to…. it’s not broken yet.

It’s not just the technology. This applies to leadership also. Innovative companies believe in changing leadership too after a few years even it ain’t broke….I mean Steve Ballmer was doing fine…..nothing broken…but Microsoft still thought of fixing it by bringing in Nadella. Imagine if companies likes Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix and likes of it believed in not disrupting status quo…we probably would have continued to call our laptops as mobile devices…. after all laptops were first built keeping mobility in consideration as desktops were not the one that could be carried around. Yet we see organizations around us, surprisingly many of them Fortune 500, believe in “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix. They need to look at erstwhile great organizations with the similar belief that are now struggling to survive (some of them wiped-out)…..remember Blackberry (RIM), Blockbuster, Dell, Kodak, Motorola, Sun Microsystems, Atari, Netscape, Gateway, Singer (remember the sewing machine)…the list is getting longer as it continues to grow…status quo is the guarantee for disaster.

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