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C2 SPT - Succession Planning Tool

Identifying Key Positions & Developing Employees

A Creative And Exciting Approach To Career Development

A comprehensive planning tool to address both current and future leadership needs while maintaining the existing merit principles.
Succession planning tool - A comprehensive planning tool to address both current and future leadership needs .

A Framework For Developing Succession Strategies

The C2 Succession Planning Tool (SPT) brings together the full span of workforce planning processes in one location. By integrating the usually disparate processes of job postings, tracking applications, evaluation, development, and selection, the SPT is a comprehensive human capital planning tool.

The Succession Planning Tool also allows users to customize applications, create specific criteria, and grant administrative permissions to users, ensuring an experience tailored to any organization. The features of the Succession Planning Tool help to empower employees to take the next step in ascending an organization’s ladder while also saving the organization time, money, and hassle.

All The Features You Want

Identification of Key Leadership Positions • Identify Competency, Skills, and Success Factors of Leadership • Assess Current Bench Strength • Design & Implement Career Development Strategies • Monitor & Evaluate Strategies
Succession planning tool has All The Features You Want

Create Reusable Succession Planning Profiles

  • Use a single profile to submit multiple applications
  • Manage developmental activities from your profile.
  • Update your profile to show your growth.

Customize The Succession Planning Tool To Your Organization

  • Create and save competencies and templates
  • Post descriptions of open positions or notify succession candidates directly
  • Recommend developmental activities specific to your needs

Track From Application To Selection

  • Review applications for positions
  • Evaluate applicants
  • Track Development

Section 508 Compliance and Accessibility

  • On-screen course can be made accessible, user-friendly, and 508-compliant
  • Printable version can be created as an alternative for screen readers
With succession planning tool you can track from application To selection

Succession Planning With The Most Complete Tool On The Market

The right leadership at the right place at the right time with the right skills.

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