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C2Assess - Employee Assessment Tool

Assess Your Career, Create Your Road-map, Reach Your Dream

A Simple Yet Robust Solution For Skill Gap Analysis

C2 has developed C2Assess, its in-house employee assessment product.
C2Assess - A Simple Yet Robust Solution For Skill Gap Analysis

A Powerful System For Assessment and Skill Gap Analysis

C2Assess brings together insightful self-reflection and rater recommendations to inform career planning, selection of developmental activities, and creation of career goals. By examining not just the strengths and weaknesses of individuals, but also their desires and preferences about their work, C2Assess is the perfect tool for skill gap analysis and offers unique advice and perspective into potential career goals. Assessments from both the individual and rater ensure accurate ratings while fostering accountability to take advantage of the future.

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C2Assess is a robust tool for skill gap analysis and recommends developmental activities that can be tailored to your organization, ensuring that workers are undergoing the training they need.
Tailor the Skill Gap Analysis to Your Needs

Tailor the Assessment Tool to Your Needs

  • Compare individually selected and rater selected strengths, weaknesses, and beneficial activities
  • Compare possible future career paths
  • Create a roadmap to schedule your path to success

Skill Gap Analysis With The Most Complete Tool On The Market

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