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C2 Build - Learning Content Management System

Build and Maintain Your Own Courseware With Our Custom LCMS

A Simple Yet Robust Solution For Content Creation and Management

C2 has developed C2 Build, its in-house LCMS (Learning Content Management System) and web-based authoring environment for the development of educational products.
C2 Build - learning content management system

A Powerful Authoring, and Content Management System

This non-proprietary environment is completely web-based and allows for the immediate scaling and evolving of a development effort with no need to shift platforms or paradigms to expand from four to 400 courseware developers or more. This tool provides the ability to compensate for and adapt to an immediate surge or growth in development level of effort.

Volumes of users can log in, collaborate, and begin developing within the environments from any location, worldwide. The same holds true for the collaborative review of the published educational products. The environment can be shared with AFIT to enable visibility into the courseware building process.

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All The Features You Want

Our software provides employees with tools to build out, and maintain their own content. C2 Build also publishes in HTML5,  SCORM 1.2, and 2004.
Tailor the learning content management system Path Tool to Your Needs

Tailor the LCMS Path Tool to Your Needs

  • Learning Content Management System allows for the immediate scaling and evolving of a development effort
  • Publishable to WBT, standard CD-ROM-based training, mobile platforms, PDAs, paper-based products through the use of custom templates
  • SCORM and Section 508 requirements addressed early and consistently in the course development process
  • Reduced cost and enhanced speed of developing with seamless reuse of existing media and content
  • Access to the courseware development environment to reduce production time

A Full Solution For Content Creation, QA, and Delivery

  • Commenting system present in the Learning Content Management System, allows you to make comments and recommendations rapidly, simultaneously, and directly to the pages concerned.
  • Reporting feature of our Learning Content Management System gives the Team the ability to review all comments quickly to make appropriate changes to the courseware.
  • Provides access to the courseware development environment to reduce production time.

Section 508 Compliance and Accessibility

  • On-screen course can be made accessible, user-friendly, and 508-compliant
  • Printable version can be created as an alternative for screen readers
A Full Solution For learning content management system Creation

Courseware Creation With The Most Complete Tool On The Market

The right tool at the right place at the right time.