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C2SkillGap - Skill Gap Survey Tool

Understand the Present to Improve the Future

A Simple Yet Robust Solution For Content Creation and Management

C2 has developed C2Assess, a complete and robust survey tool-set.
C2SkillGap - Skill Gap Survey Tool

A Powerful Survey Tool For Skill Gap Assessment

The C2Skill Gap Survey provides insight into the proficiency level of an organization’s entire workforce. Organizations select skills and set desired proficiency levels for different positions. The C2Skill Gap Survey then pairs individual proficiency self-ratings and supervisor proficiency ratings on each skill to provide a more complete, unbiased picture of the full workforce’s current skill level. These results are analyzed against the desired proficiencies set by the organization to identify skill surpluses and skills gaps. Selecting areas for training or hiring needs becomes as simple as looking at one of the C2Skill Gap Survey’s reports.

C2 Select Employee Assessment

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Our Skill Gap Survey provides employees with tools to build out, and maintain their own content. C2Assess surveys are also Section-508 compliant.
Tailor the Skill Gap Survey Tool to Your Needs

Tailor the Assessment Tool to Your Needs

  • Create a workforce-wide skill proficiency report
  • Collect and pair data from workers and managers
  • Identify skill deficits
  • Identify skill surpluses

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