Upcoming Events: May 2023

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Enhance Performance Improvement by Unlocking the Future with Digital Twins, Artificial Intelligence and Immersive Learning in the Metaverse
April 11, 2023
Upcoming Events: June 2023
May 30, 2023

Upcoming Events: May 2023

Event Date : 02 May, 2023
Event Location : Fairborn, OH / Hampton, VA / Norfolk, VA

C2 Technologies is excited to connect with industry partners at the following events:

Event: Training Officers Consortium Annual Institute
Date: May 2, 2023
Event Location: Virtual
Website: https://trainingofficers.org/2023-annual_institute/
Presentation Topic: Unlock the Future with Digital Twins, AI, and Immersive Learning in the Metaverse
Presenters: Ravi Garimella and Cody Caddell

Event: Simulation & Training Community Forum
Date: May 3, 2023
Event Location: Fairborn, OH
Website: https://www.ntsa.org/events/2023/5/3/stcf-2023

Event: USAF HQ ACC Industry Day
Date: May 18, 2023
Event Location: Hampton, VA
Website: https://tasc-tgic.org/event-5227887

Event: MODSIM World 2023
Dates: May 22-23, 2023
Event Location: Norfolk, VA
Website: http://www.modsimworld.org/
Presentation Topic: Digital Twins and the Future State with AI & Metaverse/Immersive Learning
Presenters: Ravi Garimella