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Contract Details

Overview A-VLE (Army-Virtual Learning Environment) is the fourth centralized distributed learning contract vehicle for U.S. Army training and education distributed learning. A-VLE marks a new paradigm in distributed learning in a virtual learning environment. A-VLE is a revolutionary concept that will shift the way the Army develops and delivers training and education products to the total force. The A-VLE proposes new programs, plans, and policies, risk-taking in leveraging new learning and neurosciences and technologies in curriculum design, courseware design and delivery that will enable the execution of rigorous, relevant, and tailorable learning content at the point of need.
Benefits The A-VLE provides a total Army capability that will enable a dynamic learning environment to support the Active, Reserve and Army Civilian professional workforce. The A-VLE will provide the Army with the ability to achieve a more effective and efficient T&E environment that will establish the conditions that are vital for the preparation of mission-ready Soldiers, leaders, civilians, and organizations.
Contract Types at the Task Order Level Labor – Firm Fixed Price (FFP)
ODCs/Materials – Time & Material
Services offered This contract is to design, develop, and deliver an extensive range of distributed learning T&E products to include Interactive Multimedia Instruction, Digital Learning Content Objects, Analysis Products, Gaming, (both using and not using a gaming engine), 3D Modeling and Simulations, augmented and virtual reality.
Contract Number CPC2 Joint Venture LLC contract W911S0-18-D-0008
Period of Performance February 2018 – February 2023
C2 Contact contracts@c2ti.com