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Contract Details

Overview The Foreign Service Institute (FSI) is the Federal Government’s premier foreign affairs training provider, re­ sponsible for the career-long learning opportunities required for success in today’s global arena. The mission of the FSI is to ensure the United States has the strongest and most successful diplomatic force anywhere in the world by training our people to have a unique combination of specialized expertise, operational skill sets, and a broad capacity for innovative and visionary leadership. In short, we strive to develop the best possible leaders at every level; this is the rationale drives what we do at FSI.

FSI trains and educates all professional cadres of the Department of State – Foreign Service, Civil Service, Locally Employed Staff, and Eligible Family Members. Training spans the life cycle of a career at the Department of State, from orientation seminars in the first days of employment, to the development of substantive, regional, linguistic, and leadership expertise in the mid-levels, culminating in the ambassadorial and deputy assistant secretary seminars for our most senior officials.

  • Streamlined ordering procedures
Contract Types at the Task Order Level
  • Time and Material
  • Labor Hour
Services Offered This BPA is used to provide qualified personnel capable of executing LMS’ leadership courses, program and crisis management training; designing and developing curriculum, courses or programs; coaching services; and organizational development services, all in a manner which reflects the highest standards of FSI, LMS, and the adult education profession. Specific tasking includes:

  • Course Delivery
  • Design, Development and Assessment of Curriculum
  • Organizational Development Services
  • Coaching Services
  • Senior Executive Leadership Mentoring
Contract Number 19FS1A20A2000
Period of Performance 12/3/2019 – 12/2/2024
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