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C2 360 - Assessment Tool

A Complete Tool set For Assessment, Feedback, and Reporting

A Pioneering Approach To Assessments and Feedback

Our robust tool systematically collects opinions about an individual’s performance from a wide range of coworkers. The benefits include a panorama of perceptions rather than just self-perception, which affords a more complete picture.
360 assessment tool - The Only Tool You Need For Employee Assessment

The Only Tool You Need For Employee Assessment

C2 360 Assessment Tool, is a highly customizable, multi-source assessment and feedback system that features tailored content and instructions, alternative administration options, and individual feedback reports that are easy to understand and interpret. Customized branding, instructions, rating scales, and email messages ensure that every organization has a unique resource made to fit its needs.

C2 360 Assessment Tool allows administrators to monitor assessments, individual feedback and development, and report delivery. Standard reports help to reduce the number of incomplete assessments and non-responses. Offering convenient access via customized email links, C2 360 Assessment Tool is a 508-compliant, hassle-free user experience.

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All The Features You Want

Configurable feedback tool for 360 degree assessment • Flexible set-up and design • Straightforward administration • Balanced, actionable reports
Features of 360 assessment tool

Fully Customizable Content

  • Upload organization-specific competencies, behaviors, and open-ended questions
  • Brand the tool with logos
  • Craft instructions, rating scales, and emails

Generate Reports

  • Monitor assessment status and track participation
  • Identify incomplete assessments
  • View or download reports

Identify Needs For Improvement

  • Obtain ratings from managers, peers, clients, and other stakeholders
  • Collect self-ratings
  • Allow users to select their own raters

Section 508 Compliance and Accessibility

  • User-friendly, and 508-compliant
  • Printable version can be created as an alternative for screen readers
Identify Needs For Improvement through 360 assessment tool

The Only Solution You Need For Assessment

Our 360 Assessment Tool provides employees with tools to build out meaningful career paths based on their aspirations and interests,
review skill gaps against future jobs, and engage in relevant learning experiences that proactively prepare them for the next role.

Case Studies

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OPM 360 Surveys

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360 Surveys, Coaching, and Feedback
360 Surveys, Coaching, and Feedback

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