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Department of the Navy

Prime Contract No. No. N00189-15-A-0025
Education and Training Support Services BPA

Services: The BPA includes the following functional areas:

Area 1: Instruction Services-
Including: Instructor led, group paced, self-paced, computer based, or Web Enabled instruction of courses/content, remediation/testing assistance for students, maintenance of instructional technical training equipment, curriculum maintenance, leadership and development training, etc. The goal of these services is to produce proficiently trained students meeting the required performance and course completion standards.

Area 2: Planning and Assessment-
Including: processes and sub-processes associated with: Job Duty Task Analysis (JDTA); Training Transition Plan (TTP); Business Case Analysis (BCA); Training Project Plan (TPP); Evaluation Assessment Plan (EAP); training evaluations and other assessments; and development of curriculum/course management materials.

Area 3: Curriculum Maintenance-
Including: Curriculum requires periodic updating, surveillance, interim changes, technical changes, enhancing, and modifications because of changes to equipment or procedures that impact training materials or other triggers such as evaluation of training system and student performance, recommendations from users, instructors, managers and administrators. Also included in this area are electronic conversions of legacy/hardcopy training products and instruction.

Area 4: Program Management and Staff Support-
Including: Training Program Management and staff support for DOD training programs and organizations for specialized skill sets on a non-reoccurring or short term basis in response to special projects, emergent requirements, or workforce gaps.

Area 5: Curriculum Development-
Including: Development of effective training system(s) or course content implementing a new program, i.e. curriculum guides, ongoing and cyclical process updating. This area may also include the development of basic Technology Based Training (TBT) and/or multi-media interactivity training delivery tools, i.e. Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI), Interactive Courseware (ICW), Modeling, Simulation, and Gaming.

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Jim Threlfall, Vice President,
jthrelfall@c2ti.com, t: 757.926.4372