EPA Bloodborne Pathogens
November 26, 2015
Xbox New Hire and Lifecycle Training
November 26, 2015

Chesapeake Search

C² has partnered with Chesapeake Energy Corp to develop just-in-time, high-quality training for its employees regarding the use of the company’s updated assets database, CHK Search. Its geographically dispersed employees, and the projected retirement of staff who are experts in the use of the database, require the company to transition from a traditional classroom-based training to a more flexible, consistent asynchronous format. Through this partnership, C² created a custom training solution – CHK Search WBT – over 4 tabs of the CHK Search database, structured to engage learners and educate them about the wealth of data that exists for them to access and become more knowledgeable of the company’s operations. In addition to using examples and demonstrations to convey complex system functions, the course includes graphic organizers, narration, and Job Aids, all of which combine to reinforce the content and make the absorption of the information easier, connecting known to unknown/new concepts.

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