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Air University EPASS Admin Services

Contracting Options

Overview: The goal of this General Services Administration (GSA) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) is to support the U.S. Air Force Air University, Educational Research Services (EPASS) program. These Multiple Award BPAs will accommodate all the Air Force’s higher educational mission needs for a wide range of educational research services. There is no ceiling value for this agreement.
Contract Types at the Task Order Level
Operating Costs Associated with the Management and Administration
Services Offered
Procurement Options All orders shall be placed by the U.S Air Force Air University Contracting Officeunless modified by the BPA Contracting Officer. All orders against the BPAs must follow the ordering procedures of FAR 8.405-3(c)(2) and (3) and if limiting sources, FAR 8.405-6. For time and materials and labor-hours orders, Task Order Contracting Officers shall follow the procedures in FAR 8.405(h).
Contract Number GS-23F-8186H
Educational Research Administrative Support BPA Order No: ID4016019500
Educational Research Technical Support BPA Order No: ID40160189001
Period of Performance Admin Support
Base Year: 1 Jun 17 -31 May 18
Option Year 1: 1 Jun 18 -31 May 19
Option Year 2: 1 Jun 19 -31 May 20
Option Year 3: 1 Jun 20 -31 May 21
Option Year 4: 1 Jun 21 -31 May 22
Sustainability Disclosures
Media & Brochures
Contractor Key Personnel POC Information
Dara Nicholls, Vice President of Federal Solutions
Dolly Oberoi, Chief Executive Officer
C2 Contact c2epass@c2ti.com