C²’s Army JAG PIE Wins Chief Learning Officer Learning in Practice Award

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C²’s Army JAG PIE Wins Chief Learning Officer Learning in Practice Award

(Vienna, VA — October 2, 2013)

C²’s U.S. Army Judge Advocate General Pre-deployment Immersive Environment (PIE) course has been awarded the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) Learning in Practice Award.

PIE provides Paralegal Soldiers with training on tasks required to effectively prepare the Brigade Legal Office to support soldiers in a deployed environment. PIE allows the soldiers to learn the pre-deployment process and balance their normal Brigade legal office workload while performing the pre-deployment activities. PIE simulations place the user in the virtual Brigade Legal Office as the senior Paralegal responsible for ensuring soldiers in their legal section are prepared for deployment and simultaneously managing the daily tasks and issues that may arise. PIE users navigate the virtual environment, interact with equipment common to a Brigade Legal Office, and react to different events that occur.

Key features of simulation navigation are notices that guide the user to the next activity, achievements that show the user their accuracy when answering questions, a progress tracker that displays individual progression in each simulation, along with objective and resource icons that provide the user with supplemental information and guidance in the simulations.

PIE saves time and money for travel, as the users can complete the simulations anywhere at any time without the need for instructor-led classroom time.

The CLO Learning in Practice Awards recognize learning leaders, as well as vendors and organizations that have made a substantive and measurable change in business, vision, strategic alignment or leadership.

You can view a demo of the course here: http://review.c2ti.com/submissions/jag/index_PIE.html

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